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We're not the world's best web designers. Period. 

We're not the best software developers, either.

But, we're problem solvers.

Somewhere between a marketing pitch and creating customised 'user experience', we became known as a 'Digital Agency' and here we are. 

But, we are a lot more than that; and no, we won't make you a website for $999.

And, here's why:

We take pride in introducing ourselves as a team of designers, visual artists and exceptional software developers, who create striking visual identities for upcoming brands, and startups that take their branding process seriously. We believe that exceptional branding strategies and solutions are the only way a brand can succeed amidst the newer generations of consumers, whose spending decisions are often misunderstood. 



We are here to assist you from the moment you are inspired to start a new business or develop a new line of products, or even plan on becoming the second-best in a segment. We were among the first agencies to envision a system of branding that unified the entire shopping experience. We develop extraordinary solutions for innovative profit-improvement problems using strategic design to induce a change in consumer response. 

We're a pay-as-you-go creative agency,

that you can hire for as little as $200 an hour.  

Our Strengths


We are team of 112 designers, 42 software engineers, 31 content writers, 7 creative directors, 4 journalists, and a ship-load of freelancers who can be hired to do everything else. 

We have a Six-Day-Express Service, if you value time over money; especially useful if you, or someone else, screwed up and you don’t have the time to solve all the problems yourself.


We recover lost days, lost efforts and almost everything possible by a bunch of mortal has-beens who got tired of the taste of peanuts. We work as a collective unit, mostly comprising of teams and networks of ad agencies, to help you reach a larger audience digitally, well-within a rationally feasible timeline.  Kindly send Sam a mail with your requirements and your budget, if you have something interesting you would like us to work on.

Our Weakness


We are known for our excessive use of helvetica. Clients love the font so much that, most of our branding has helvetica by default. Be warned that we will always try our best to induce clients to go with a variant from the same font family, if you decide against Helvetica.


Disclaimer: We’ve been quite successful at it.

We are so sure your next branding elements will have a variant of the font too. 

United States   +1 3322 5566 73                              India +91 77 3666 0666

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In a technology-driven marketplace, like that here on Earth, your digital strategies when done right, will be 70% more effective than expensive airtime, front page ads, fully-paid magazine features, bulk SMS, direct mail, PR, or even hiring the services of larger Ad agencies run by clueless old-fart Boomers, who were classmates with Moses. 


We help establish powerful brand strategies that ensure customer engagement, and much higher conversion rates.   


you need us badly,

but you don't know that yet.


branding is important

to stay relevant in a dog-eats-dog world. 

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Design 18 is a branding and experience design agency that builds brands, eCommerce and digital platforms, and also creates below-the-line products to elevate regional customer experience. We help businesses succeed in the digital culture by connecting companies with communities. We simplify a brand's identity, based on who they are and what they stand for, making it impossible to ignore these brands. We start with design, and finish off with an experience strategy and highly-productive marketing campaigns, that communicate a brand's identity, and ultimately convert relationships into transactions. We are known for the quality of our work.

We usually prefer to work with companies and startups that are introduced to us by our existing clients.








We ensure that your brand makes an impact, in a chaotic, convoluted, noisy and ultra-connected world. Why rob yourself of opportunities that even a twelve-year-old influencer has access to? 

You have to understand how easy it is to be a successful brand, once you start believing in your own product. And what we do as a company, is just that. We start by convincing you that your brand deserves a lot more loyal customers than what you were willing to settle down with.

digital & consumer


impression & presence management

interactive design

conversions & transactions

reputation management

retail & consumer


packaging design 

brand identity

brand strategy



business & commercial


product design 

marketing strategy

redesign & relaunch

packaging & impression management 

branding solutions

surveys, polls and studies



industrial & manufacturing


industrial design 

product development

product 'decoration' / labelling

product testing

product re-design

process automation 

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If humans didn’t exist, cats would’ve never known what tuna tastes like.

If other humans didn't exist, even we wouldn't have known what tuna tastes like.

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New York

590 Madison Avenue,

21st Floor, Manhattan, 

New York, 10022




San Francisco

95 Third Street, 2nd Floor,

San Francisco,

California, 94103



Hong Kong

Unit 01, 82/F ICC,

1 Austin Road West,

Kowloon, Hong Kong




9F Nakano Sunplaza,

4-1-1 Nakano, Nakano-ku,

Tokyo, 164-8512, Japan




Ormond Building, 31-36 Ormond

Quay Upper,Dublin,

County Dublin, Dublin 7




23/F, New World Centre,

No. 6009,Yitian Road,

Futian District, Shenzhen,

518035 China



3rd floor, Voentorg Building,

10 Vozdvizhenka Street,

Moscow, 125009 Russia


2 Maidan Nezalezhnosty sq.,

Lypky, Kyiv, 01001




8/F., Daegu Trade Centre,

Daegu, Dong-gu, 489, 

Dongdaegu-ro, 41256

South Korea





Level 15, Concorde Towers,

UB City, 1 Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560001



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We have shared office spaces, all across the planet. Feel free to use ours, while you're starting up. 

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