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Our Strengths


We are team of 112 designers, 42 software engineers, 24 content writers, 7 creative directors, 6 journalists and a ship-load of freelancers who can be hired to do everything else.


We are literally based next door.   (See all our offices nearest to you.)


We have a Six-Day-Express Service, if you value time over money; especially useful if you, or someone else, screwed up and you don’t have the time to solve all the problems yourself.


We recover lost days, lost efforts and almost everything possible by a bunch of mortal has-beens who got tired of the taste of peanuts. We work as a collective unit, mostly comprising of teams and networks of ad agencies from across the planet, to help you reach a larger audience digitally, well-within a rationally feasible timeline.  


Kindly send Sam a mail with your requirements and your timelines.

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